Your smartphone can become a valuable tool in an emergency. Sometimes life can get a little scary, and our smartphones could help us in getting through the unexpected. Below are a few ways in which our smartphones could be utilized in an emergency. Your smartphone could be used to call or now text emergency services as well as give those services your personal information if you cannot. Of course, the identification in your wallet or pocket could do the same, but our phones have the capacity to give them information that a form of ID cannot. In Case of Emergency (ICE) applications on your phone can tell medical personnel if you’re are diabetic or have any other medical conditions not available on your ID. The apps can tell them who to contact, your blood type, allergies, any medications you are taking, and if you need special medical attention that could mean the difference between life and death. There are both paid apps and free apps available for download. Finding one that fits your needs is easy. Your smartphone has the… Read more

The smartphone industry has grown immensely over the last ten years and with it an extensive increase in available jobs and careers associated with the production and development of these devices. As the popularity for smartphones grows, so does the need to fill jobs within this industry. From manufacturing, sales, and marketing, to app and mobile development, the smartphone business has had a significant impact on economics. Exactly how and what kinds of jobs have been associated with the popularity of the smartphone industry? According to TechCrunch, there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally. With this increased popularity of smartphone usage and the continued growth to come, there is an increase in jobs in the manufacturing and sales of these devices. Smartphones need to be manufactured and transported; from the LCD screens to the circuit boards and rechargeable batteries. This creates factory jobs in production for many people. Once a smartphone is put together, it must be packaged and transported to companies which in turn creates trucking, transporting, and shipping jobs in this industry as well. After these devices reach… Read more

The holidays can easily become all about indulgence and excess; from time with family to changes in daily routine and the food portions we normally only encounter once a year, it’s easy to fall off the fitness wagon. With some planning, motivation and helpful apps, it is possible to make it to the new year maintaining your current figure. Or, with some holiday magic, even losing a few inches. Here are a few apps to choose from. Lose It- If keeping track of everything you’re putting in your mouth is an issue for you, as it is for me, you can become more mindful by keeping a daily log. Lose It has a great food library to help you quickly add some items and give you a daily budget to keep you on track. It also lets you bank up calories for use when you incorporate activities. It’s a great way to stay mindful of just how much extra food we may be taking in. YouTube- YouTube has so many great fitness channels, no matter what activities you like doing.… Read more

Shopping for the Holidays can be stressful; packed and hot stores, long lines, crabby people and expensive items make for an anxiety-ridden experience. There is a better way. Use your phone to do the shopping in your leisure and comfort. There are several apps available to take the stress out of shopping for the Holidays. Here are a few to get you ready! ShopSavvy helps you find the lowest prices available on the gifts on your lists. This app works by either scanning a product’s barcode if you’re in stores or comparison shopping when online. The idea behind this app is to make sure you get the best price available on the items you’re purchasing. With a massive library of product reviews, you’ll know what you are getting. This is a great app to keep you under budget! SnipSnap is a coupon app that will also make sure you stay on budget this holiday, because let's admit it -- no one wants to start the new year broke. With a library of hundreds of digital coupons and a way to keep… Read more

Your smartphone can be a great tool when it comes to planning that well-deserved vacation. You can use your phone to book hotels and flights, keep track of your itinerary, and get around once you arrive at your destination. Here are some great apps to help you do all that and more. Roadtrippers Roadtrippers is a free app that appeals to those who’d rather drive to their destination than fly. It helps you organize your next road trip, plan your route and book lodging along the way. It also shows you what attractions or places of interest are nearby as you go, so you never miss another famous roadside attraction or historic eatery. TripAdvisor Whether you are in the planning phase or you’ve already reached your destination, TripAdvisor helps you find the best restaurants, bars, hotels, and local attractions anywhere you go. It has user reviews, photos, and comment threads to help you make decisions. Use the forum to ask questions or add your own input on the places you visit to help fellow travelers. TripAdvisor also has a nearby function to help you… Read more