How Smartphones Create Jobs

working on cell phone

The smartphone industry has grown immensely over the last ten years and with it an extensive increase in available jobs and careers associated with the production and development of these devices. As the popularity for smartphones grows, so does the need to fill jobs within this industry. From manufacturing, sales, and marketing, to app and mobile development, the smartphone business has had a significant impact on economics. Exactly how and what kinds of jobs have been associated with the popularity of the smartphone industry?

According to TechCrunch, there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally. With this increased popularity of smartphone usage and the continued growth to come, there is an increase in jobs in the manufacturing and sales of these devices. Smartphones need to be manufactured and transported; from the LCD screens to the circuit boards and rechargeable batteries. This creates factory jobs in production for many people. Once a smartphone is put together, it must be packaged and transported to companies which in turn creates trucking, transporting, and shipping jobs in this industry as well. After these devices reach their destinations to companies and carriers, sales teams are essential to the sale and setup of these smartphones to you.

Before you even take your shiny new phone out of its carefully constructed box, a whole team of people has touched or been involved in the production of that device solely to get it to you, at this moment. Someone took hours developing the way the phone looks and fits in your hand, the colors on the screen, the building of its different parts, packaging and transporting it, and its final sale to get that phone into your pocket. Now, let talk about the team of people that have developed all the fun and exciting apps you’re ready to download onto your device as well as the things your device is capable of doing!

The other side of economic and job growth comes from technological advancements, apps, programming, and Mobile iOS developers. We love filling our smartphones with apps that allow us to do more with our devices and take care of everyday activities from scheduling to communication and productivity. Development jobs play a large role in this aspect; from the design of the phone itself to app design and the way those apps work with your smartphone and carrier, and how it all works for you. The ease of use, layout and compatibility aspects come from someone who works in the smartphone industry.  According to an article on the US Chamber of Commerce website, the App Economy accounted for 1.6 million jobs in 2015. With the rise in popularity and new technological advancements of smartphones, this number will only continue to rise.

The economic impact of the smartphone industry and the jobs that it creates has so many factors and variables, that along with the rate of growth in new technology and new and returning users makes jobs in this industry extensive and lucrative. This industry will continue to grow and create jobs along the way for people around the globe.

Posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2019