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Lively Review

When it comes to additional cellphone services, Lively offers medical alert features for seniors in need of emergency assistance. Formerly known as GreatCall, Lively rebranded their name along with an upgraded product line which includes a smartphone that’s easy to navigate with affordable data plans. Lively is compatible with Verizon, a cellular provider known as “America’s largest and most reliable network.”


With Lively, you can choose either the Lively Smart or the Lively Flip as your cellular device, both of which have plans as low as $14.99. The Lively Smart device is a smartphone but with user-friendly navigation and a low price of $149.99, which is cheaper than most smartphone brands in the market. Helpful features include voice text and video chat so you can easily stay connected with loved ones. You also get a high-quality camera, a powerful speaker, and long-lasting battery.

The Health & Safety Packages come in three tiers: Basic, Preferred, and Ultimate. Although these aren’t required, they do perform essential services for seniors who may encounter an emergency situation. The Ultimate Package costs $34.99 and includes services like Urgent Response, Urgent Care, Lively Link, and Personal Operator. Lively does more than just provide a simple cellphone service for the older demographic — they protect users from life-threatening emergencies by incorporating medical alerts through modern tech.

Cheapest Lively Phone Plan

Plan: Value Talk & Text
At a glance: 300 minutes, plus 10 cents per text
Price: $14.99/mo
Why we like it: The Value Talk & Text plan is as simple as it gets for a cellphone plan. Loaded with 300 minutes and 10 cents per text, this plan is for those who make few phone calls and send few texts. It’s ideal if you want to keep your phone bill as low as possible.

Best Overall Lively Unlimited Phone Plan

Plan: Unlimited Talk & Text
At a glance: Unlimited talk and text
Price: 19.99/mo
Why we like it: Even for an unlimited plan, the price is quite affordable compared to what other cellphone providers are offering. For frequent talkers and texters, this plan doesn’t set any restrictions and you can avoid overage fees.

Lively Health & Safety Packages

Basic Package: With Urgent Response as the sole feature, the Basic Package costs $19.99 and is best suited for seniors who would like a medical alert with their Lively device. Simply press the Urgent Response button and 24/7 Response Agents will confirm your location, determine if you need help, and send the appropriate authorities.

Preferred Package: Priced at $24.99, the Preferred Package comes with Urgent Response, Urgent Care, and Lively Link. Seniors who want to stay connected with doctors, nurses, and loved ones about their health can do so with these additional medical assistance features.

Ultimate Package: For $34.99, you get Urgent Response, Urgent Care, Lively Link, and Personal Operator for the Ultimate Package. If you’re looking for something more robust in terms of medical care, the Personal Operator basically assists you 24/7 with tasks like searching phone numbers, making calls, scheduling car rides, and more.

Multiple Data Plan Options

The Lively Smart requires a data plan, and while data is usually included with talk and text, Lively offers a range of data options starting as low as $2.49/mo for 100MB. Unlimited data costs $35/mo, but the recommended plan is $5/mo for 500MB. Data usage depends on how often you browse the web, send emails, and watch videos.

In Summary

Seniors who need a cellphone plan that includes medical alerts and assistance will find that Lively’s products and services are user-friendly and affordable. Call today to get started.