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  • Switch to Sprint and and get Unlimited Data, Talk & Text
  • Multiple single line and family shared data plans that meet all your needs
  • Unlimited Freedom Plan features unlimited mobile-optimized streaming videos, gaming, music, and 4G LTE data
  • Hotspots & Wi-Fi Card Plans get your devices online wherever the Sprint network is available
Switch to Sprint and get Unlimited data, talk & text! Get Offer »
Available In ASHBURN, VA
*9.5/ 10
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  • Get zero overages and unlimited talk, text, and shared data all in the Mobile Share Advantage Plan
  • Secure the latest smartphones for $0 down with the AT&T Next Plan
  • Bring your own phone or tablet to AT&T for no annual contract
  • Learn how you can get up to $650 in credits per line when switching to AT&T
Available In ASHBURN, VA
*9.4/ 10
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  • Verizon’s Content Transfer app allows you to easily transfer contacts, photos and videos from one device to another
  • Data only plans available for tablets, hotspots, and other network-capable devices
  • Verizon Total Mobile Protection app allows you to locate your device, erase its contents, and protect it from viruses or malware
  • The powerful My Verizon app allows you to manage most features of your Verizon plan all in one place
Available In ASHBURN, VA
*9.2/ 10
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  • Unlimited data coverage allows you to stream music and videos all you want on your favorite streaming devices
  • Keep your devices connected to the internet with high-speed Mobile Hotspot data at no extra charge
  • 4G LTE coverage has doubled nationwide in the last 2 years, leading to fewer dropped calls
  • For a limited time, get 4 lines for just $40 each with AutoPay—taxes and fees included.
Available In ASHBURN, VA
*9.1/ 10
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  • Auto-pay discounts reduce your monthly bill by $5 on select plans
  • Get an eligible 4G LTE smartphone free when you switch
  • No activation fee for online orders
  • More 4G LTE coverage nationwide than some leading competitors

No cellular service provider is surging more than Sprint right now. To prove it – bring your phone number from an existing AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon plan and get the same amount of monthly data, talk, and text for half the price with Sprint! And if you’re sold on Sprint’s prices but are unsure about the carrier’s network, there’s a 30-day coverage guarantee for switching customers, which would fully refund the cost of your device and service charges. Can’t live without unlimited data? The Unlimited Freedom Plan from Sprint includes unlimited talk, text, and fast data for just $60 per month!


If you’re looking for top-tier coverage plus the latest mobile technology on the market, AT&T might be your best bet. The AT&T Next Plan, for example, is a two-year payment plan that lets you upgrade to a new phone each year, while the AT&T Every Year Plan is a 30-month payment plan that lets you upgrade every two years. Also, if you’re already a DirecTV or U-verse customer, you can secure an unlimited data plan for just $100/month. Need data and coverage for the whole family? Get zero overages and unlimited talk, text, and shared data all in the Mobile Share Advantage Plan.


Verizon understands that in the age of media and content, data is extremely important. That’s why its Carryover Data feature lets you keep your unused gigs until the end of the next month. If you’re an NFL fan, even better – get NFL Mobile to watch live local and primetime games, highlights, NFL RedZone and more all without using any data! There’s a myth that all the carriers are pretty much the same these days, while Nielson data analysis still shows that Verizon delivers consistently fast speeds in more places than any other network, still distancing itself as one of the elite carriers out there.


Are you paying a ton of money for your cell phone plan? Don’t! T-Mobile has a super-fast network and covers 99 percent as many people as Verizon – at a fraction of the price. They offer tons of features and you can even keep your phone when you make the switch.


More than any other cell phone company, Cricket Wireless is committed to making you smile. With their feel-good commercials and their low-price prepaid data plans, they take every step of the wireless purchase process and ramp it up with enthusiasm, energy and a commitment to great service.