According to the company website, AT&T has the nation’s largest and most reliable network.1

Based on overall US coverage. Reliability based on 3rd party voice & data performance testing. 1


Bring Your Own Phone

Many cellphone providers will require you to sign a new contract and purchase a phone before you can receive coverage – but with AT&T, all you have to do is bring your current device, order a free SIM card, and transfer to your new AT&T account. There’s no annual contract involved! Just make sure your device is unlocked if you are transferring from another carrier.

Wearable Technology

Whether it’s the newest edition of the Apple Watch or the LG Watch Urbane, AT&T believes in the future of wearable tech. You shouldn’t always need your phone to stay connected to what matters most. AT&T’s wearable collection keeps you up to date, so just browse its selection to find your perfect fit.


AT&T Next

It seems like new, cool phones are coming out every other day, and even if you’re someone who keeps a pulse on the latest technology, buying a new phone every time could become very expensive very fast. Upgrade to a new smartphone every 2 years by trading in your eligible device with AT& Next. What’s more, you’re eligible for another upgrade when you trade in your device after 80% of the full retail price is paid off (approximately 24 monthly payments). You can even lower your monthly payment by making a down payment.

AT&T Next Every Year

With AT& Next Every Year, Upgrade to a new smartphone every year by trading in your eligible device.2

AT&T Unlimited

Are you already a DIRECTV or U-verse customer? Get endless entertainment with AT& Unlimited Enhancedsm plans – starting at $40/line for 4 lines. Plus, find out how you can save $15 a month DIRECTV or DIRECTV NOW. Learn more Check the pricing breakdown for your unrestricted entertainment below:

  • First smartphone: $100 per line
  • Additional smartphones: +$40 per line
  • Tablets: +$40 or +$10 for 1GB
  • Connected car: +$40 or +$10 for 1GB
  • Basic or messaging phones: +$25
  • Wearables: +$10


Device Protection

For $8.99 per month get coverage against loss, theft, damage, and out-of-warranty malfunctions for your eligible smartphone or tablet. For $11.99 per month, you get the additional benefit of personalized, expert tech help with ProTech support; and 50GB of photo and video storage with the AT& Photo Storage app.

24/7 Support

The AT&T website has tons of troubleshooting tools and resources to sort through, even after customer service business hours. Get device support, billing and account support, or technical support any time you need it.

The Good
  • Eliminate overages with the Mobile Share Advantage plan
  • Secure the latest smartphones for $0 down with AT&T Next or AT&T Every Year
The Bad
  • If you’re no longer a DirecTV or U-verse customer, you’ll no longer be eligible for AT&T Unlimited
The Ugly
  • The early termination fees could be steep for some potential customers