*9.1/ 10

Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction1, Xfinity delivers powerful and reliable networks which include 5G, LTE, and countless hotspots.

Why We Love Xfinity

No Phone Line or Activation Fees

Most companies charge an activation fee in addition to fees for adding more than one phone line to a data plan. With Xfinity, these fees don’t exist. You can add up to five lines for any plan and avoid a heavier phone bill. The best part? They don’t lock you in long-term contracts either. You can bring in your phone and receive a free SIM card as long as you check to see if it’s compatible with Xfinity’s networks.

Customizable Plans

Whether you’re on your own or you live in a large household, you don’t have to share the same plan or pay the same price. If you use less data but your significant other goes on a data spree, both of you can have your own plans and pay a combined price. What’s more, Xfinity allows you to switch plans whenever you see fit. Consider how much data each person uses in your household before deciding on Xfinity’s plans.

The Best Plans

By the Gig

Split the amount of data per month by sharing it with friends or family. Or, use the data all for yourself. That’s what Xfinity’s By the Gig plans offer — a data cap of 1 GB, 3 GB, and 10 GB priced at $15 per month, $30 per month, and $60 per month, respectively, for everyone to use at their discretion. Remember, there’s no extra charge for adding more than one phone line to By the Gig plans, so the more the merrier.


For unrestricted use of data, Xfinity’s Unlimited data plans start as low as $45 per line, per month. You don’t need to add a certain number of lines to benefit from saving money like other companies — it’s one price just for you. Check below for a breakdown of pricing options across different smart devices.

  • Smartphones: $45 per line
  • Tablets: $10 per line
  • Smart Watches: $10 per line

Customer Support and Service Guarantees

24/7 Support

Xfinity Assistant is a 24/7 chatbot that can answer your questions if you don’t like waiting on the phone to speak to someone. Like most chatbots, you receive automated prompts and choose the topic that best addresses your questions. If you’re looking for answers from real humans, Xfinity has a number of online communities through their social media platforms for you to engage in.

Device Insurance

Starting at $7 per month, the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan provides technical support as well as AppleCare services for Apple devices. If you don’t want to pay more money for repairs or replacements, this protection plan will ensure that your device is up and running at optimal performance. The plan covers theft, loss, accidental damage, and hardware service.

1 According to their company website.

The Good
  • Flexibility in switching data plans
  • Cheap unlimited plans
The Bad
  • If you cancel Xfinity’s internet service, you’re no longer eligible for their mobile data plans
The Ugly
  • Customers who sign up for By the Gig plans will still pay the full amount if they don’t use up their data