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Verizon Review

If you’re looking into Verizon, network quality and service are probably important factors in your decision-making. As you’ve probably heard from its infamous commercials, Verizon boasts “America’s largest and most reliable network.” It maintains the most cellular towers in the US, covering the largest area and resulting in the most dependable reception and incredibly fast download capabilities.


If there’s one major cell phone provider that offers a broad range of Unlimited data plans, it’s Verizon. Like other providers, Verizon has hopped on the 5G bandwagon and continues to improve network quality and performance. Among their Unlimited data plans, they’ve made one just for kids, which is not only budget-friendly but also family-friendly. The more lines you add to your plan, the cheaper the monthly costs per line. There are five Unlimited data plans rather than just three, so there’s more variety in choosing which one suits your needs.

With Verizon Up, you receive rewards on the first of every month; from movie tickets to gift cards, the rewards change monthly and Verizon Up is free to join. To add on to Verizon’ family-friendly aspect, they’ve partnered up with The New York Times to give every high school in the U.S. digital access to The Times and its Learning Network. For Verizon, it’s more than just Unlimited talk and text — it’s about allocating resources to better serve their customers.

Cheapest Verizon Unlimited Data Plan

Plan: Start Unlimited

At a glance: Unlimited talk, text, and data; international texting; Mexico and Canada talk, text, and data; Verizon Up rewards; Apple Music

Price: $30/mo per line for 5+ lines

Why we like it: Verizon’s Start Unlimited plan is a basic but affordable choice for large households. Apple Music is free for six months, which is a nice perk for those who don’t have a Spotify subscription.

Best Overall Verizon Unlimited Data Plan

Plan: Do More Unlimited

At a glance: Unlimited talk, text, and data; Unlimited mobile hotspot; 480p DVD-quality streaming; Unlimited 4G LTE; Apple Music; 500 GB of Verizon cloud storage

Price: $40/mo per line for 5+ lines

Why we like it: On top of their 4G LTE Unlimited data, the Do More Unlimited plan offers an extra 50 GB of Premium Data. This plan is a great choice for large households full of multitaskers.

Compare Verizon vs. T-Mobile

Verizon’s Prepaid Plan

If you want a great device on the best network with no annual contract, check out Verizon’s Prepaid Plan. It’s flexible and affordable, allowing you all the benefits of Verizon’s amazing LTE network without the headache of a credit check. You also save money with free activation and free next-day shipping on your device! Pricing depends on if you’re using a smartphone, basic phone, or bringing your own device to Verizon.

Data Only Plan

Verizon also has a solution for those who don’t require talk and text. The Data Only Plan is perfect for tablets, hotspots, and other network-capable devices. Share data across your devices by choosing a data plan ranging between 2GB ($20/month) and 100GB ($710/month). As you can see, there’s a size that should fit every personal or small business need.

Verizon LTE Advanced

Verizon wants to welcome you to the “next generation network,” equipped with advanced LTE technology that allows for 50% faster peak speeds in cities nationwide. According to the company website, Verizon LTE Advanced powers America’s largest and fastest 4G LTE network ever! In the constantly evolving world of mobile content, the benefit of speed and reliability in your phone seems extremely favorable. Verizon LTE Advanced covers more than 450 cities from coast to coast.

NFL Mobile Doesn’t Use Data

Are you a diehard football fan who needs to catch games no matter where you are? We all know about mobile streaming, but with most networks, that means using tons of data if you’re not connected via WiFi. Not with Verizon – you never have to miss a moment by streaming live local and primetime games on NFL Network, Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN without using any gigs! As long as you’re a Verizon customer, just download the NFL Mobile app and you’re good to go.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a lot of options to choose from, Verizon is the way to go! You’re sure to find the perfect plan that caters to your specific needs. Call today to get started with our experts.

Compare Verizon vs. T-Mobile