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Sprint Review

Remember the [linkout]”Can You Hear Me Now?” guy from those classic Verizon ads?[/linkout] Well, you might have noticed that same guy recently starring in the new Sprint commercials. “Don’t let a 1% difference in network reliability cost you 50% more,” he says, perhaps calling out his old company. But if all carriers have great coverage now, why choose Sprint?


No Activation or Upgrade Fees

We’d say because [linkout]you can get free activation when you switch to Sprint[/linkout]. No matter how many lines, you can get that activation fee waived for every single one. Time for an upgrade to the latest model? Don’t worry about the fee for that either. You can activate or upgrade by calling or going online, from the comfort of your own home. Combine these waived fees with their generous promotions on devices and plans, and you’re already saving a bundle. Sprint’s got your back.

Sprint Clean Slateā„ 

If these huge savings are enough to make you ditch your current provider, unfortunately, many providers charge lofty early cancellation fees to keep you tied down. But Sprint once again outbids the competition by putting its money where its mouth is, [linkout]offering you up to $650 to leave your current carrier[/linkout]. That’s how badly it wants your service, which says a lot about Sprint’s dedication to making sure harsh contracts a horror of the past.

Annual iPhone Upgrades

Are you an iPhone user who needs to have the latest edition as soon as it comes out? With [linkout]Sprint’s amazing iPhone Forever Plan[/linkout], you can lease an iPhone for 18 months with upgrades kicking in every 12 months at no charge. So, if you want the newest iPhone every year, just tack on a small fee to your monthly bill for the lease (about $25 or so), and it’s yours. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars and signing a two-year contract to get a new iPhone, you’d instead pay a little extra each month. Not only do you get the new iPhone cheaper off the bat, you can show off the newest edition to your friends, every edition.


30-Day Guarantee

For new lines activating, Sprint lets you [linkout]try out service for 30 days[/linkout], and if you aren’t 100 percent satisfied, the company will fully refund your device purchase and the cost of service. Customers are responsible for any out-of-plan usage, such as but not limited to downloads, overage, international charges, and any related taxes and surcharges.

24/7 Support

While other providers are out of reach when you need them most, you can get solutions to common questions and issues 24/7. Whether it’s about your phone, payment inquiries, or [linkout]upgrade status and eligibility[/linkout], a knowledgeable representative will be there to assist you.