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Cricket Review

More than any other cell phone company, Cricket Wireless is committed to making you smile. With their feel-good commercials and their low-price prepaid data plans, they take every step of the wireless purchase process and ramp it up with enthusiasm, energy and a commitment to great service.

Cricket’s phone plans are totally customizable, too, so you can pay for just the data you need. As one of the leaders of prepaid service, they’re all about saving you money on exactly the plan you’re looking for.

Why Cricket?

Besides their adorably cute and groovy mascots, Cricket’s got great prices for every kind of mobile user. On top of that, all advertised prices include taxes and monthly fees, so what you see is what you get. Plus, the bonus of no annual contracts means you can switch anytime. Cricket is confident in their value, betting that you won’t make the switch after sign up. It’s a gamble that may just work in their favor.

Cricket Plans

If you’re not a heavy cell user and don’t need much prepaid data, they’ve got 1GB plans starting at $30/month. This is their most affordable plan, but probably won’t allow you to do much heavy-duty web surfing or downloading.

Use more data monthly than that? Get 3GB monthly of high-speed data access for just $40/month on Cricket’s Basic plan. You can even save $5 if you sign up for auto-pay, lowering your monthly bill to just $35/month. With this Basic Plan, you can browse the internet and watch videos easily. And you don’t have to worry about going over any data caps – if you go over the allotted 3GB, your speeds will slow, but you won’t be charged any overages.

Need unlimited instead? Cricket offers a low, low price on their prepaid monthly unlimited service for those who stream, download, check email and browse the internet heavily and daily. With it, you get nationwide talk and text, international texting, and data access across the U.S., Canada and Mexico – all for just $60/month. Add the auto-pay discount and you pay just $55/month.

Don’t wait! Cricket Unlimited plan offers you huge flexibility! See if it’s right for you today.

Free Two-Day Shipping

Order online and take advantage of free two-day shipping on all orders. You can always go to a Cricket store and get what you need, but ordering online saves you time and energy – and money on gas!

Orders placed before 3 p.m. ET Monday-Friday ship same day, while orders placed after 3 p.m. ET, on the weekend or on a holiday will ship the next business day. Plan when you’ll need your phone and have it in your hands in no time.

No Overages

Life without overages? Cricket takes wireless seriously, and that means not charging overages for calls, text or data. After you use your high-speed data allowance, speeds will be reduced, but you’ll never be charged extra, so call and text away!

Group Save Discount

Join Cricket with friends and family and save! Pick the plan you want and save $10 on your second additional line, $20 on your third, $30 on your fourth, and $40 on your fifth. Get the maximum discount of $100/month with five eligible lines on one account.

Don’t need 5 lines? Cricket helps you save with each line you add, so add as many (or as few) lines as you need and rack up savings.

Keep the Phone You Love

Already have a phone you love? Keep it! With Cricket, you can keep any unlocked phone that’s compatible with Cricket’s network, even on prepaid service. All you need is a SIM card kit. Install it into your device, activate your Cricket coverage and you’re all set!

Still not sure if Cricket is right for you? Give it a try – they’ve got the latest phones, great plans and customer support available to help answer any questions you may have. Get started!