Many of us can't remember life without a cell phone. Cell phones have changed the world and now, some people can't fully function without their trusty sidekick by their side. Whether you’re balancing your finances, booking a trip or streaming live TV, phones have become so much more than just a device for receiving calls. That's why dealing with a weak signal can be a nightmare come true. What can you do when your cell phone signal gives you attitude? Here are a few simple tricks to strengthen your service. 1. Remove Obstructions Since cell phone signals are pretty powerful, you might think your signal is strong enough to reach every nook and cranny of your home or office building. The reality is many things can obstruct a cell phone signal and weaken your service. Fortunately, this is often an easy fix and only requires changing your location. So the next time you see someone holding their cell phone in the air and wandering around in search of a better signal, rather than snicker, take a lesson from them and get your legs moving.… Read more

Everyone has a cell phone - and if you don't, you are definitely behind the times. Years ago, people started ditching their landlines in place of their mobile lines to save money and be able to talk anywhere, any time. Or, that was the idea, anyway. But now, with only a handful of major companies handling mobile service, prices are creeping up and you may be spending more on your phone every month than you hope. than you expect. If that's the case, something's got to change. If your cell phone payments are getting out of hand, here’s how to keep your plan within budget. 1. Know Your Usage Cell phone bills vary depending on the type of phone, the carrier and the monthly plan. To keep your cell phone bill within reason, you need to have a clear understanding of your monthly usage. Before signing up for a new plan, take a look at previous cell phone bills to get an idea how much data and voice minutes you average each month. This will help you determine the most cost-effective plan. You… Read more

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