Holiday Shopping Made Easy (with Your Phone!)


Shopping for the Holidays can be stressful; packed and hot stores, long lines, crabby people and expensive items make for an anxiety-ridden experience. There is a better way. Use your phone to do the shopping in your leisure and comfort. There are several apps available to take the stress out of shopping for the Holidays. Here are a few to get you ready!

ShopSavvy helps you find the lowest prices available on the gifts on your lists. This app works by either scanning a product’s barcode if you’re in stores or comparison shopping when online. The idea behind this app is to make sure you get the best price available on the items you’re purchasing. With a massive library of product reviews, you’ll know what you are getting. This is a great app to keep you under budget!

SnipSnap is a coupon app that will also make sure you stay on budget this holiday, because let’s admit it — no one wants to start the new year broke. With a library of hundreds of digital coupons and a way to keep them all organized on the app, you will never have to carry paper coupons again. At checkout, present the coupon’s barcode for scanning and watch your savings add up.

Christmas Gift List is a great way to keep all your shopping lists, notes, photos, budgets and links to sites all in one place. This app is a great way to keep track of all your gifts and even know if a gift was wrapped yet. Keep the process moving and know what’s left to do with this handy all-in-one app.

Giftster is a gift registry for family and friends. This app includes wish lists, a calendar, social platform, and gift registry. It’s a great way to have everyone’s gift lists in one spot and share it with anyone in your circle. No more carrying around several lists. This app keeps it all together!

Amazon Prime is a great one-stop-shop app to get most of your gift-giving accomplished. Not only can you buy the gifts on your list, but if you know the addresses of your receivers you can also have gifts shipped directly to their front door. It’s a great way to take care of the buying and the shipping in one place. Most store websites will provide you with the same convenience, so check the stores you love. Make holiday shopping super easy by purchasing gifts from store apps and having them delivered (and in some cases gift wrapped as well), saving you precious time and sanity!

The Holidays are a time to share and spend time with those we love; but stress, pressure, and additional spending can make it hard to enjoy the season. Make this year different and find a smarter way to manage how much you give. Shop smart, and take the stress out of gift giving.

Posted on Friday, December 14th, 2018