Picture this, your shiny new phone arrives wrapped and boxed perfectly! So many new capabilities, and a fresh start. It’s the adult equivalent of a child opening a box of crayons on the first day of school. A new phone is such an exciting feeling until we realize that everything we love on our current phone will need to be set up and transferred to our shiny new device. This can take a lot of time but making sure our old devices don’t become a security breach is vital. Here are a few steps to take before selling your old phone. Unpair- First things first, make sure any paired devices are updated and then unpaired. Any watches, speakers or other types of devices should be prepped for the change. Open your paired devices accompanied applications, run any updates necessary, and then follow your device’s instructions to unpair them from your phone. It’s a tedious task, but well worth the time taken. This will make pairing these devices with your new phone so much easier. Back it up- Before you can… Read more

For those who are led by their creativity, there are plenty of apps to keep you creating from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Whether you create for your job, school or as a hobby, your smartphone can be a valuable tool to utilize at any phase of the creative process. From brainstorming to pictures, building to editing, there are many apps to help you along the way. Instagram is a free app, commonly used and liked for many reasons. As an artist, it’s a great choice especially if your art of choice is photography. There are some great filter options to personalize any shot. It’s also a great way to snap a picture of anything you come across that sparks a creative idea for future projects. Procreate Pocket is excellent if you love drawing or painting and would like to shelf your traveling sketch pad, then Procreate Pocket is a great app to try. The platform is but flexible with many different options and tools. This app is a paid app and available for a minimal cost. Adobe… Read more

Most of the time we spend too many hours on the couch after work or on the weekends browsing through our phones. Time to try something new and exciting like geocaching. What's Geocaching? Geocaching is a productive way to use our smartphone to stay active, get outside, and be adventurous! Geocaching is an enjoyable recreational activity that allows participants to use their smartphone's GPS system to hide, as well as, search for hidden objects and containers (referred to as caches) around the world. It is kind of like high-tech treasure hunting!  All a user would need to do is download one of over two dozen mobile and browser-based geocaching apps to begin. What apps do I use? There are several popular and great apps available to get you started including Geocaching, Navicache, Terracaching, and Earthcache. Many geocaching apps are free, but there are some apps that require a small fee which then allows broader access to more caches and better software. Most major mobile devices have the necessary platforms and applications to support live maps and will open street maps… Read more

Now that smartphones have become a staple in society, a lot of the ways we used to do things has changed. In the past, if you wanted to invest you needed to find an advisor, set-up a meeting and fill out paperwork. Now, if you want to invest, it’s as easy as grabbing your phone from your pocket. There are several apps available to download on your phone. Whether you are new to the market or a veteran investor, there’s probably an app that fits your needs. Here are a few of my favorites. Acorns If you’re new to investing and don’t have a large chunk of funds available to invest, then Acorns is a great fit for you. It rounds up the purchases you make to the nearest dollar and saves the difference. With as little as five dollars you’re able to invest. They also have platforms that help you save for retirement or college. The app also supplies you with an educational aspect that helps you learn about personal financing too! Stash This app is similar to Acorns… Read more

Smartphone on a Budget
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Smartphones can be an expensive investment and the monthly bill can be painful, but with a few tips and tricks, you can reduce the cost of owning and using your phone. Though the service costs and taxes will always be a part of owning a smartphone, there are a few things you can do to gain a little control over that monthly expense. Below are just a few tips and tricks to get your savings started. Buy the Insurance If your service carrier offers insurance on your device, purchase it. Insure your investment because cell phones are expensive and replacing one after damage or loss can be detrimental to your finances, so unless you have a back-up it’s best to pay the minimal cost to insure your device. Understand your Bill Next time your cell phone bill arrives, sit down and look at it. If you have any questions on what it is you are paying for, contact your service company. Are you paying extra for features you don’t even use? This is a good time to look over the… Read more