Too Many Passwords

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Have you ever tried to access one of your accounts only to be denied for a wrong password? Then, you go through the whole “forgot my password” process, choose a new password and the system responds with, “new password cannot be the same as old password.” Frustrating, right? These days, it seems that we need a password for everything we do. It’s impossible to remember all of them. There are many password management apps and programs available, both free and at a cost, to help you keep them all straight. I’ve picked a couple here worth considering.

Free Options


LastPass is a more advanced free password management system that works over multiple devices. With an updated user interface and two-factor authentication, this is a more advanced program offered for free. LastPass also offers an actionable password strength report and automatic password change and also allows secure sharing. These are some great options for no cost!


MyKi is a free password manager and is a little different because it stores your passwords right on your phone and not in the cloud. The interface is easy to use, and it has authentication abilities, making it a very good password manager at no cost. MyKi has browser extensions for any platform and provides secure sharing. One-click authentication and password strength reports make MyKi another good free choice.

Paid Options


Dashlane starts at $4.99 billed annually and allows you to manage unlimited passwords on unlimited devices, and offers Dark Web Monitoring as well. You can sync your passwords across all of your devices and with instant form and payment auto-fill it is simple and easy to use. One password to access all your passwords makes life much easier!


Keeper app supports all major platforms and is strongly focused on securing your personal information. With two-factor authentication, secure password sharing and file storage, Keeper has you covered. This program retains your password and information for easy access and web form fill. Though the app is free, in-app purchases can get spending depending on your preference for options.


From several passwords to 1Password, save your passwords and log in to sites with a single click. 1Password starts at $2.99 and is billed annually. This app works across all platforms and gives you unlimited password storage and up to 1GB of document storage. Two-factor authentication keeps your information safe and a travel mode helps you to safely cross borders. With a 365-day item history, restoring your deleted passwords is easy.

We have all experienced the frustration that comes with passwords and the anxiety associated with protecting our valuable information. These apps will bring ease and security to the daily access of your online information. No more forgetting, no more resetting and going through the “forgot password” hassle. Life is hard enough as it is, remembering several passwords shouldn’t be the cause of strife especially if there are tools available to make it easy. Check these out or find one that works best for you and your specific needs, keep life moving and eliminate wasted time.

Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2018