Thinking of Moving? 4 Helpful Must-Download Apps

couple moving

Whether you’re renting or buying, moving across town or relocating to a new state, moving is stressful and there are lots of details to manage. Organization is key to surviving this hectic time with your sanity intact. Fortunately, plenty of apps can make this process smoother and quicker. So forget the pen and paper, here’s a look at four moving apps you should download today.


Not only can you access from your desktop or laptop, you can also download the website’s app to your phone and search for homes nationwide. This is an excellent app if you’re thinking about moving to a different state or city. And one of the best features is that you can use the app to search for rental homes, as well.

Receive up-to-date MLS listings, set filters according to what’s important to you, or take 3-D tours of homes that pop up in your search results. In addition to property details, you’ll find information about schools and neighborhoods. There’s even an option to receive alerts of new listings and price reductions.


If you’re not ready to buy and prefer renting, this app can also help you find your next place to call home. Use the app to find apartments in the area you’re moving to, as well as listings by private landlords if you prefer renting a house or condo.

Whatever your preference, the app has features for just about everyone. Take a virtual tour and enjoy panoramic views of a property’s exterior and interior. Or take advantage of filters and narrow down your search field. In addition, read property reviews from actual residents to gauge whether you’ll enjoying living in a particular home and community. There’s even a feature that lets you contact apartments directly through the app.

3. Moving Checklist Pro

Once you find the perfect place to rent or purchase, now’s the time to organize the move. With the right organizational tools, you’re able to pack up your house in no time. Download the Moving Checklist Pro app and you’ll benefit from a variety of features designed to help organize this transition.

Create checklists to ensure you don’t forget to pack certain items. There’s the option to add new items, hide a checked item and delete certain items. Plus, you can color tag items, and then separate these items by box or room. As a bonus, there’s a feature that lets you customize and email lists to family members, so everyone is on the same page and organized throughout the move.

4. Sortly

Sortly is another organization app designed to keep track of every item throughout the moving process. It’s simple, convenient and flexible, and you can begin organizing your personal belongings in four easy steps.

This app is unique because it also allows you to snap photos of items in your home. To alleviate forgetting which box contains a particular item, you can print labels to place on boxes. This way, you’re able to quickly locate an item later on.

Once the move is complete, keep the app and use it in other areas of your life. Sortly can also be used to organize collections, like wine collections, shoe collections or antique collections.

Planning a move takes time and energy; although it shouldn’t test your patience, finding your next property and packing up all of your belongings can be nerve-racking and time consuming. That’s why it helps to download convenient apps for a smoother, faster and easier process.



Posted on Monday, January 8th, 2018