The Importance of Unplugging

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We all know how much we can accomplish with our smartphones and the ways in which to complete several daily tasks with it. It makes life convenient and entertaining. There are several benefits to being ‘plugged in’ but would it benefit our health and well-being to take some scheduled time off from conquering the world with nothing but our phones in our hands?


Sometimes accessing social media too often can leave us feeling unsatisfied with our own lives. The reality is that there are two main types of updates we all make on social media, to share the amazing things that happen to us and the devastating things that happen to us. This can leave us with feelings of sadness, envy, and loneliness after spending time on social media. Being bombarded with other’s stories of engagements, weddings, deaths, injustices, and job promotions can cause us to feel a sense of dissatisfaction in our own lives or keep us focused on the bad in the world. Taking time away from social media gives us time to refocus on and find gratitude in all we do have and can accomplish personally.


We often utilize our smartphones to multi-task. Getting more done at once with the ease of internet, social media and apps. In a world where the image productivity equals a sense of validity, it’s not unlikely that our need to multitask has gotten a little out of control. By multitasking more than three or four tasks we are increasing the likelihood that we will make more mistakes. Our smartphones can also become the source of distraction. It can be hard to focus if our phone is ringing, buzzing and vibrating several times a day.

Sleep Disturbances

It has been suggested that using electronic devices before bedtime interferes with our ability to shut our minds down and get the rest we need. Putting down the smartphone and creating a peaceful bedtime routine will help to reset your mind to rest. When we don’t get enough sleep it impacts our health, mind, and the way our body functions. At the least, shutting off our smartphones in the evenings could be one way to easily unplug.

Office Hours

With the advancements and conveniences of smartphones, clocking out is becoming a thing of the past. When we are connected to work beyond our normal workday, we miss out on hobbies, and family and rest. Downtime to explore all of these other aspects of life are important, they help us to feel happy and create depth in life. Unplugging at the end of office hours and not taking calls, texts, or emails unless it’s an emergency will give you time to focus on other aspects of your life that you enjoy.

Smartphones are great tools to help us stay connected and get things done, but the truth is we all need down time, time to unplug, and just focus on what’s in front of us. This allows us to grow and focus on ourselves, our families, and our hobbies. Use the time to create something, laugh, and have coffee with a friend or to get a good night’s rest. It’s okay to unplug and disconnect from electronics. We all need time to recoup.

Posted on Tuesday, August 7th, 2018