Signs That You’re a Smartphone Addict

man on cell phone

Cell phones have become a major part of our lives. We use them for communication, work, and we can even surf the Internet. But with all this power in our hands, there’s also a tendency to become overly dependent on our smartphones. And some people become so dependent that they show signs of addiction.

Admitting a problem isn’t easy, but here’s a look at possible signs that you’re a smartphone addict.

  1. You never put your phone down

Naturally, most people keep their phones near them. However, there’s a difference between keeping your phone close and always keeping it in your hand.

Think about it for a moment. Is there ever a moment when you don’t have your phone in your hand?

If you can’t go to the bathroom, check the mailbox or even sit in the other room without your phone in your hand, this could indicate that you rely too heavily on your device.

  1. Your phone battery doesn’t last all day

Nowadays, cell phone batteries are designed to last for a good portion of the day. And with less use, some batteries can last into the next day.

Of course, the life of your battery depends on how much you use the phone. If you have a newer phone, but you have to charge up your phone once or twice throughout the day, you’re likely using it too much. Heavy use can include always checking social media, reading articles online, listening to music and even texting or chatting.

  1. You panic when your phone dies

Granted, most people don’t want their phone to die. This is our safety net in an emergency. However, when you’re not addicted to your phone, a dead cell phone battery isn’t exactly the end of the world.

On the other hand, if you’re always on the phone and you can’t survive without it, having 10% or 20% battery life — and no cell phone charger — can send you into a state of panic as you rush to find a power source.

  1. Your phone is the first thing you check in the morning, and the last thing at night

If you’re not addicted to your phone, chances are your phone isn’t the first thing on your mind in the mornings or the last thing on your mind before bed. Unless, of course, you’re using it as an alarm clock.

People who rely heavily on their phone don’t go to bed without getting one last look at their newsfeed, text messages or email. And in the mornings, they reach for their phone before getting out of bed due to fear of missing out.

  1. You don’t live in the moment

You might also be an addict if your smartphone prevents you from living in the moment. Whether you’re at a function or on vacation, you obsessively check your phone. This can include looking for emails or missed calls, checking social media, or simply surfing the web. You may pick up and stare at your phone for no apparent reason.

  1. You can’t “not” respond to a text or message

There’s nothing wrong with responding to urgent texts or messages. But let’s be honest, many of the texts or calls you receive are not urgent and can wait.

If you feel a strong inclination to respond to every notification, text or email, even if it means putting yourself in danger (ex. texting while driving) it might be time to put some distance between you and your phone.

Bottom line: Cell phone addictions are real. And if you’re not careful, this small electronic device can take over your life and result in unhealthy behavior. So, learn how to recognize signs of an addiction and commit to enjoying time without your phone.

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2018