Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

cell phone on vacation

One of the most utilized tools on our smartphones is the camera, but exactly how much do you really know about the features of your phones camera app or the various ways in which you can use it? This article will discuss the capabilities and features of your smartphone camera app and a few pointers to help you take great pictures.

Get to Know Your Camera

The first and best thing to do is to become acquainted with your phones camera app. Explore the app and try all its different features when you have downtime. Does your default app come with filters, modes, presets and effects? Try them out so that you know how they could be utilized when you’re taking pictures on the run. Learn how to use your flash or lighting filter to help make picture taking in dark spaces a more enjoyable experience.

Did you know that on most smartphones the volume button will snap the picture as well as the volume button on your headphones if they have one? This makes taking selfies easier and can be used when taking pictures on both your front and back cameras. This allows you to shoot those selfies at all the right angles without compromising the shot.


Whenever possible, it is best to utilize natural lighting when taking photos on your smartphone. With the right lighting, you won’t need to fiddle with filters or flash. When taking a photo,  you always want natural light to hit your subject from the front. Too much lighting behind the subject will darken the picture. Artificial lighting works similarly as well but takes a little more finessing.

Focus and Exposure

Most smartphones today allow you some control over focus and exposure. Exposure is the amount of light allowed into the frame. If your phone gives you access to these it is usually accessible by tapping the screen. Several camera apps also have a face recognition option that cuts down on blur. On most standard smartphones this is accessible by tapping and holding the screen to adjust exposure by dragging. Some phones may be different so practice with your smartphone.

High Dynamic Range Mode

HDR Mode or High Dynamic Range is available on most newer smartphones camera app. This feature is great for detailing the darkest and lightest parts of your picture and brings an overall balance to the photo. If your smartphone is in HDR mode it should be indicated on the screen and with some phones, this feature will activate on its own.

Burst Photos

In this age, we don’t need to wait to find out whether our pictures are good – take photos in bursts give you a better chance of getting the perfect shots. Taking as many shots as possible increases the chances of getting a handful of great ones. Afterward, you can go through and delete the ones you don’t like. Access the burst by holding down your cameras shutter button. This feature is perfect for catching everyone’s eyes open on a group photo! Burst away and delete the bad!

I hope these tips inspire you to get out there and capture all those perfect moments in your life. With a little practice, every photo can be a keeper. After all, a picture can be worth a thousand words!

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2018