Phone Philanthropy

woman on cell phone

We all have causes that are near and dear to our hearts, causes we believe in and are happy to support. But it can be hard to find the time to sit down and pull out your checkbook. Very few people even carry a checkbook anymore, but almost everyone has a smartphone. We use it to play games, look-up information and stay in touch on social media. Learn how you can rack up positive karma points without pulling out your checkbook! Let’s utilize our phones to put good into the world.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles allows you to earn money and raise awareness each time you work out! This app allows you to donate to charity without your bank account and you get to become a sponsored athlete!  Just turn on the app, choose a charity and press start. Do good for others while doing good for your body.

One Today

One Today is an app by Google that combines philanthropy and the discovery of new non-profit organizations. If you like its mission, you can use the app to donate $1. Share new organizations with friends and family or match their donations. Donating is tax deductible.

Check-in for Good

Check-in for Good app on Google uses location-targeted advertising to connect businesses and causes with people to raise money. Check in at a participating business and the cause they support receives a donation from that business. In return, you receive a promotional offer for that business for donating. A great way to be philanthropic while shopping and on the go!


ShareTheMeal is a great app to help combat world hunger through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). It’s easy to use as well – after downloading the app, tap the app on your phone and give 50 cents to feed a child for one day. If ending world hunger is your chosen cause, now there is something easily accessible that you can do to help every day!


If you prefer to donate to a charitable project rather than a charity’s general fund, then Tinbox is your app. Tinbox also lets you team up with a corporate sponsor, if you’d like, to make the donation. The donation is $1 and you can only donate once a day, but over time those small donations add up to big change. Make that smartphone do great things!

Walk for a Dog

Have a heart for animals? Well, this app is for you! Download the app and inset you pups name(s), press start walking and go! Walk for a Dog tracks your walk and donates money to an animal shelter of your choosing every time you walk your dog. Earn up to 11 to 25 cents with each mile walked with your furry friend. Walk for a Dog’s parent organization, WoofTrax, states that donations are funded through sponsorship deals and advertising.

If you can’t find an app for your favorite charity, go directly to the charity’s website and see if they offer an app to make donating simple. No check writing required! Smartphones can do good and with this list of simple options, you can be a part of the good you want to see in the world!

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2018