Job Searching on Your Phone

man on cell phone

Job searching can be tedious and time-consuming. Using your phone for some of that legwork could save you time and keep you from being chained to your desktop for hours, allowing you to continue taking care of daily tasks while job searching. Whether you are considering a new on-site job or perhaps considering freelancing either full-time or for some extra cash, the search can be made easier by utilizing your smartphone.

First, decide whether you want to work remotely or on site. Then, take an inventory of your skills and what you have to offer. Are you good at writing, marketing, technology or providing virtual assistance? These are some of the popular types of remote jobs on the market currently. Conduct a little research on the types of freelance job openings out there to see if there’s one that fits your needs. Decide how much time you want to put into working and how much you’d hope to be paid. Once you know where you’re headed, getting there is a lot easier.

This is an excellent time to brush up your resume and get a copy of it onto your phone. I would suggest removing any personal contact information from your resume except your name and phone number or email. Same rules apply for any references you have listed. Make sure the skills you can provide are clearly defined, and that it looks professional. Getting your resume to your phone is easy, and there are a few ways to make it happen. Google Docs is easy to use and allows you to access your resume from any device by accessing your Google account. Dropbox is also a good choice, offering 2GB of storage at no cost. Both have apps to make working from your phone easy.

Next, you’ll need to check out the job market. Both UpWork and Fiverr are good places to start for freelancing, as well as Indeed and Monster which are great for finding both remote and on-site jobs. There are several job market sites available, so find the ones you’re most comfortable with. Most sites have a downloadable app that makes applying from your smartphone much more comfortable. Check for job listings from anywhere and apply easily from your phone by uploading your resume to the sites of your choice.

If you’ve never considered freelance work, check it out and see if working from home could be a good option for you. Freelance gives you the opportunity to take back control over your time, family/work balance, and financials. Whether you are looking for full-time as a means to provide for your family while being at home with them; or part-time to earn little extra cash for that vacation or holiday, freelancing could be a great option.

No matter what path you choose to take in finding a new job opportunity, remember that utilizing your smartphone to help you on the journey could save you a lot of time. Our smartphones help us in a lot of ways, these are just a few pointers in using it to get hired!

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2018