How 5G Could Affect Business and Industry

5g city

Imagine walking into your team or board meeting and not having to sit around for 20 minutes sans production while the lead or admin works themselves into frustration trying to connect to the home office in another state via video chat. Or not having to sit at your desk as IT fiddles with your computer for hours fixing technicalities. Picture a world where you don’t even need to be in your office building to pull files on a client that just asked you a simple request via email about their last appointment.

What if you spent less time fighting with the technology that was promised to up your productivity, and more time actually being productive? Now, imagine if all of this saved time and increased productivity made way for the long-coveted 4-day work week or made your work truly virtual so that it could be done from anywhere. What if this technology could make the way you run a home or take care of your health more effectively? 5G could be the platform from which these things become possible.

According to TechRadar, 5G may finally make good on the remote working promise that 4G was unable to deliver. This would mean a more reliable and sufficient way to make more jobs completely remote, with advancements in connections, AR and VR and possibly even holograms, there will be far less lag time, troubleshooting time and stagnant moments of productivity often experienced now. Increasing the options in virtual meetings cuts out the dropped calls and frozen video conferences.

Training will become more effective and be improved with original content, less latency, and faster connectivity. Imagine if your business was no longer tied to hiring the people best qualified in your immediate zip code and instead you could choose the best candidates from any location. Teams would be made stronger and more diversified as 5G opens the doors to a more reliable virtual based business environment with greater synergy, allowing for smoother and more reliable remote communications.

Imagine a car that is self-driving, allowing you to prep for your day before even reaching the office. Imagine better and more efficient “always on” devices like health trackers keeping you up to date on heart rate monitoring, imagine being able to access healthcare records faster and more completely from your devices or even the possibility of remote surgery done by a renowned surgeon from a different city. Imagine smart-city traffic controls that help cut-back on traffic grid-lock getting you where you need to go more efficiently or walking around your city experiencing fewer breaks in network service. Imagine clearing your driveway of snow or mowing your lawn without leaving the couch.  These are just a few of the capabilities that 5G can move us towards.

In an article on Medium Corporation, we can expect around 100 billion connected devices by 2025. 5G could increase the way we use IoT’s; from smart cars to smart homes and offices, and how we do business. In the business of retail, 5G could provide an increased ability to ship goods faster and cheaper than before. Technological abilities will expand and benefits like the possibility of the 4-day work week and less elbow grease during household chores could make life a bit easier. 5G could become the next platform on which we advance our possibilities.

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2018