Hands-Free Safely

smartphone jogging

The world around us has started to adapt to our daily usage of smartphones and ways to safely utilize our phones has become of utmost importance. There have been several tools and accessories to hit the market over the last couple years and they just keep getting better. From mounts to headsets, to speakers and voice-activated devices. There are so many ways to safely go hands-free.

Mounts/Arm Bands

Magnet mounts and suction mounts have brought forth a sleek way to mount your smartphone easily for ease of access and to help eliminate the distractions of fumbling with your device when it’s most inconvenient, such as in the vehicle. There are several great options to choose from so finding a magnetic mount or suction cup mount that works for you is easy and start at minimal cost. Armbands are also a convenient way to keep your phone secure and in reach while leaving your hands open to do other important things.


Whether you prefer classic headphones with the microphone attached or the wireless and Bluetooth kind, headphones are a great way to use your phone and all that it can do for you, handsfree. Take calls, send texts and give commands while keeping your hands free to multi-task. Headsets make the long calls easier to endure and gives you the freedom to multitask flawlessly. It also gives you the privacy you may need, to keep your call between two people. There are so many updated headphones on the market so choosing a comfortable pair that works for you will be easy!

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have become the accessory to have! They allow you to take your music, phone calls and commands anywhere. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can utilize voice commands easily to make calls, play a certain artist or playlist or even check the weather. Bluetooth speakers are great and they help make hands-free a more simple affair in any environment.

Car Kits

Though most newer vehicles come with wireless and Bluetooth adaptability, not everyone has a newer vehicle. For a more minimal cost, making your older vehicle Bluetooth friendly is an option. With Wireless AUX stereo adapters, FM Bluetooth transmitters or full kits, your older vehicle can make a leap into the future. If your stereo has an AUX connector a Wireless AUX adapter will connect to your phone via Bluetooth allowing you to play music and access maps. An FM Bluetooth transmitter helps to do the same by connecting to your stereo. Car kits can be a little more spendy but really help to make your vehicle smartphone adaptable, allowing you to do more hands-free like take calls and hear directions from your phone’s map app.

Utilizing our phones shouldn’t be hazardous to our safety, especially since there are so many awesome and helpful new items out there. Do a little research and find the accessories that will really help you be hands-free and stress-free when it comes to accessing your phone on the go. Hands-free allows you to focus on more the important things in life while staying connected. Staying safe out there while staying connected is easier than ever!

Posted on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018