Great Ways to Use Your Cell Phone to De-stress

woman on cell phone

There’s plenty of discussion on how cell phones and technology can increase stress and anxiety levels. With your cell phone constantly within arms reach, it’s as if you’re always connected to technology.

But while too much cell usage might keep some on edge, cell phones can also be useful when you need to reduce stress — it all depends on how you use one.

So, if you’re on the verge of burnout and looking for a way to calm down, here’s how to put your cell phone to good use and keep stress at bay.

Download a heart rate app

There are plenty of apps available to help monitor your health. These include fitness apps that give reminders to be active, as well as apps that provide simple everyday tips for making healthier choices. In addition, there are heart rate apps you can use whenever you feel stressed and need to relax.

Curious about how these apps work? Basically, these apps use your cell phone camera to monitor your heart rate. After opening the app, press your index finger on the camera and the phone starts tracking your heart rate.

If you’re stressed or anxious, deep breathing exercises and meditation are excellent ways to calm down. The heart rate app allows you to monitor your heart rate during these exercises. You can continue meditation or deep breathing until your beats per minute are within a healthy range.

Take videos of yourself enjoying life

Life can get crazy at times; and when everything seems to be going wrong, it’s easy to focus on the negative and forget the positive things in your life. This is where your phone’s video camera and camera roll come in handy.

If you’re enjoying good times with your family or friends, make a conscious effort to take videos of these events. Whenever you feel that you’re about to lose it, take a few minutes and go through your photos or videos of happy memories. This can be a mood booster, putting a smile on your face and helping reduce your stress level.

Set reminders, so you don’t forget

Sometimes, we cause our own stress and anxiety. This can happen when you have a full schedule and you forget an important task. This has a domino effect, complicating your day and other areas in your life. The good news is that your phone has plenty of tools to help you remember throughout the day.

Take advantage of your reminders app, whether you need a reminder to pick up your dry cleaning, go to the grocery store, or pay a bill. Setting daily reminders is like having your own personal assistant.

One benefit of many reminder apps is that you can use these apps along with your GPS. Once you write a reminder, select the icon button next to the task and set a location with the reminder.

Let’s say you need to go to the grocery store after work. With a location attached to the reminder, you’re automatically reminded of the task whenever you’re within range of the grocery store.

Listen to soothing music

Listening to calm, soothing music is another way to lower your stress level. This can also help you meditate. Whether you’re listening to rain, crickets, waterfall or other soothing sounds, these sound apps can put the day’s stress behind you and help you forget your worries.

Bottom Line:

Some people feel that cell phones induce stress. This is true under certain conditions. But if you learn how to use your cell phone wisely, it can also be a helpful tool for staying calm and achieving peace of mind.

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018