Globetrotting Smartphone

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Your smartphone can be a great tool when it comes to planning that well-deserved vacation. It can also help you organize the packing process, book a hotel or flight, keep track of your itinerary, airline tickets, and more! If you love to travel, and even if you don’t, these apps are worth checking out!


Roadtrippers is a free app that appeals to those who’d rather drive to their destination than fly. It helps you organize your next road trip, plan your route and book lodging along the way. Never miss another crazy roadside attraction or great eatery, this app shows you what attractions or places of interest are nearby as you go!

Trip Advisor

Whether you are in the planning phase or you’ve already reached your destination, this app helps you find the best restaurants, bars, hotels, or nightclubs. This app is equipped with reviews, photos, and opinions. Use the apps forum to ask questions or add your own input on the places you visit to help your fellow travelers. This app also has a nearby function to help you see what’s close.


Now that you’ve planned your trip and purchased your airline tickets, it’s time to pack! Packpoint is the ultimate list to make packing simple. This app checks weather forecasts, lets you choose the activities you’ve planned for your trip and then takes that information to creates a list of suggested items to pack as well as the basics. You can remove what you don’t need leaving you with the perfect packing reference!

XE Currency

Taking that dream trip out of the country? Then you’ll definitely need this currency converter app that always offers updated and live exchange rates. The app also allows you to store info to allow for access when your phone is offline.

Google Maps

Navigating your way around a new location can be tricky. Google Maps helps you get from place to place and even gives you local transportation options. Search nearby for gas stations, museums, restaurants, and other services. Getting from the airport to your hotel in a rental car is a breeze when you insert your destination’s address, and voice commands allow you to navigate and keep your eyes on the road.


Over the past couple of years, Airbnb has become a household name. On a budget and can’t spring for that expensive suite, or maybe you would prefer to stay like a local, Airbnb gives you an authentic local feeling on a budget. Locals offer up their homes, apartments or extra rooms at a fiscally appealing rate, cutting the cost of lodging drastically. This is a great idea if you won’t be spending a lot of time where you’re staying but is also appealing if the whole family is traveling together and want to stay at a private home for a more inclusive home-like feel. This route also allows you to cut costs on eating out as you will have the amenities of home available for your stay!

Google Translate

If you’re still having some difficulty with the local language while traveling overseas, Google Translate is the app for you! With 103 different language options, you can translate dictation, text, and voice to help you if you run into any communication breakdown. Pick your favorite phrases or words to access offline. Communicating is connecting and this app is a great help if you find yourself in a pinch!

Traveling, although it can be a great experience, comes with hurdles. With the right apps, your smartphone can be the best tool. Try some of these apps to make those great summer adventures even more memorable.

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2018