Best Phone Accessories

phone accessories

A very popular accessory many of us would never leave the house without is our cell phones. If you’ve noticed, our favorite accessory has created a whole new expanded marketplace of smartphone accessories. Accessories to enhance our favorite accessory! Here are a few favorites.

Screen Protector/Privacy Glass- When we carry our phones around all day, every day, we are bound to drop it eventually. We all know how it goes, we see it fall, we hear it make contact on the ground and we stare at it and hope that when we pick it up the screen will still be intact. We can help to increase the chances of scratch-free beforehand if we opt to cover our phones screen with a protective glass screen on top. This allows the protective screen to take the initial hit, increasing the chances that the phones actual screen may be saved. While you’re protective the glass, opt for the privacy glass kind and protect your personal information from others as well!

Cases- Smartphones are not cheap, protect your investment with good, shock absorbing protective case for the body of your phone. There are so many great brands and styles to choose from, just make sure to get one that will truly protect your phone and isn’t merely for decoration and make sure to choose the correct style for your device. The right cover must fit correctly and be able to truly absorb the shock in the event your phone takes a drive. If you will be or are around water quite a bit, consider investing in a waterproof/ sand proof case to protect your favorite accessory!

Pop Sockets- Cell phones are made to be sleek and shiny, but one problem with this is that this also makes them hard to keep a good solid hold on. Eliminate the chances of fumbling that phone in the first place by putting a pop socket on it to enhance your grasp.  These accessories have become rather popular this year – the pop socket attaches to the back of your device and pops out to create a bit of a handle on your device. It also acts as a nice stand if you would like to put your phone down and utilize both hands to follow cooking or craft instructions on your device.

Magnetic Mounts- Magnetic Mounts stick to the back of your phone and attach to a base that can be attached to your car vent making hands-free and navigation safer. The magnets are strong and hold well without the bulky mounts that stick out of your dash or stick to your windshield and take up too much space.

Bluetooth Headphones- A great pair of Bluetooth headphones makes life a bit easier. Get rid of all the cords and go cordless. Headphones are a staple accessory that every smartphone owner needs to have. Bluetooth headphones let you go cordless and eliminate the frustration of a cord we notice most when working out. We’ve all been there, having to stop mid rep to fix or reposition our phones or cords during a workout. This is very frustrating, so free yourself and invest in a good pair of Bluetooth headphones!

Camera Attachments- We have all become photographers with that smart little selfie taker we carry in our pockets. Up your photography game by checking out lens and screen attachments that will enhance every photo you take. There are many brands and types to choose from, and many even come in kits that include several lenses such as fisheye, macro, and wide angle. If you love taking selfies and struggle with lighting, there are several cases and attachments available that give off the perfect lighting to snap the perfect selfie. Do some research and find what works for your device and your needs. There are so many options to choose from.

Smartphones are an investment and are capable of doing so much, with the right accessories you can protect your investment and even enhance its capabilities. The world of phone accessories is vast, so finding accessories that work for your needs should be easy!

Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018