5G: The Benefits to Come

5g network

5G will be debuting soon, and many people are looking forward to its benefits. The capabilities of our phones are about to improve extensively. We’ll be able to do more, faster. The way we connect and our connected devices will expand. 5G has gained a lot of hype over the last year, and we are all looking forward to what will be coming next. What other benefits can we look forward to when 5G hits the market?


5G will be significantly faster than 4G. Downloading will go quicker – if you love downloading and watching your favorite shows over your lunch break, 5G will be your best friend. The amount of lag in streaming and downloading will go down, and we will be able to complete tasks associated with our devices much quicker. Downloads are boasted to be a lot faster on 5G, reducing wait time. This is good news for those of us that spend more time on our phones than at a computer.

Advanced Capabilities

We will have access to a lot of new abilities. With 5G we will be able to open a new door to advanced abilities, from our phones. Smart devices, smart homes, smart cars, and applications will have improved capabilities. These abilities will help cut back on waste. Our ability to control our furnaces, lights, air will cut down on home costs. The ability to advance connections to our cars to help improve gas mileage and automotive care will reduce waste and keep us on top of minor issues before they become major. What we can do, check on and control from our phones will increase, and we will do more, faster all while reducing waste.  Capacity will increase on 5G will expand as well, so we really will have the room for all of these added capabilities.

More Connecting

Powering more “connected” devices, as stated above with smart homes and cars, as well as other devices, will improve our personal environment. But 5G also increases the capabilities to how we access and track our health.  Health tracking will become more advanced, possibly being able to diagnose issues and connect to our health care provider. How we use “connected” devices will grow and expand our current capabilities.

There is no doubt that 5G will improve technology – the phones in our pockets will be set to gain a lot.  With room to advance technology and security devices, connect to our homes, clothes, and health, we are sure to see new and improved technologies in the marketplace. Improved devices, security, and environments will open up space for new technologies. The advancement could improve how we work, learn, live, and do business. Many local industries including education, manufacturing, energy, and agriculture also stand to improve and revitalize when 5G rolls out.

5G will be available in 2019, and it will take all that we are currently doing and create the possibility for vast improvements. Less waiting time was all I needed to hear, but the wealth of advancements beyond lag time will make 5G exciting. In the end, though, it will improve the way we do things, and how we manage life.

Posted on Friday, November 16th, 2018