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Are you paying a ton of money for your cell phone plan? Don’t! T-Mobile has a super-fast network and covers 99 percent as many people as Verizon – at a fraction of the price. They offer tons of features and you can even keep your phone when you make the switch.

Do it and you could save big. T-Mobile recently announced an unlimited coverage deal: you could get one unlimited line for $70, two lines for $50 each, three lines for $47 each, or 4 lines for $40 each. Browse their phones, plans and services and sign up for the offer that’s right for you.

T-Mobile’s Prepaid Plans

If you don’t want to be tied down with a monthly or annual phone contract, shop T-Mobile’s prepaid plans, which offer you the customization you need with plans that’ll fit your lifestyle.

Start with a Simply Prepaid™ plan for $45 per month, which offers you unlimited talk, text and data starting with up to 4GB of 4G LTE. On Simply Prepaid, you get coverage on T-Mobile’s Nationwide 4G LTE Network, the freedom to buy a new device or bring your own, and the ability to stream as much music as you want with Music Unlimited.

Get up to 6GB of monthly 4G LTE data on the highest Simply Prepaid tier – just $55 per month.

T-Mobile Unlimited

Each T-Mobile® ONE™ plan comes unlimited talk, text and data.

Keep your devices connected to the internet with high-speed Mobile Hotspot data at no extra charge. T-Mobile offers two times the network coverage they did just two years ago, meaning you’ve got coverage almost everywhere in the U.S. Activate HD video streaming and watch all your favorite videos whenever you want.

T-Mobile ONE plans offer talk, text and data in over 140 countries with qualifying plans and customers can enjoy unlimited texting and one hour of unlimited data on any Gogo®-enabled flight.

Get started – T-Mobile makes it easy to browse the internet, call and text no matter where you are! Pick the plan that’s right for you.

Extra bonus? You could get free shipping on phones and devices with all new activations when you order online.

T-Mobile Smartphone Technology

Show off a brand-new smartphone when you sign up for T-Mobile and pick one of their qualifying devices.

From the latest iPhones, to Samsung and LG Android devices, T-Mobile offers cool technology, awesome features and great prices. Play games on some of the best picture displays on the market. Take photos with the strongest front and back cameras yet. Enjoy fast performance and long battery life with T-Mobile smartphones, then upgrade to any in their line of tablets and other smart devices.

Browse their line of phones and see which calls your name!

Want to Keep Your Phone?

If you have a device you want to keep, be sure to check if you’re qualified to keep it and your existing number with T-Mobile service. If so, you could receive a ready-to-use SIM card that you can pop into your phone when you’re ready to, no hassles. The SIM fits into all GSM phones and is compatible with all AT&T and T-Mobile phones.

T-Mobile Perks

International Calling

If you’ve got the T-Mobile ONE unlimited plan, you get unlimited calls and texts to Mexico and Canada, just like you have in the U.S. You also get talk, text and data in 140+ countries and destinations around the world at no extra charge. You don’t have to worry about roaming charges or unexpected fees in most places, a huge benefit when you’re traveling internationally.

T-Mobile also offers Stateside International Talk, which gives you discounted calling rates to all numbers in 200+ countries, plus unlimited calling to landlines in 70+ countries and unlimited calling to mobile lines in 30+ countries. Get Stateside for just $15 a month per line.

Tablet Lines

Add a T-Mobile tablet line for just $20 per month or a wearable line for just $5 per month, so you can rep the latest trends, stay on top of your personal apps and more, all while you’re on the go.

Customer Service

Need help? T-Mobile has customer support lines, online resource guides and automated care available 24/7. Get help signing up, paying your bill or getting answers to any service questions you may have, anytime, anyplace. They even have live chat if talking to a support representative isn’t your thing.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with one of the coolest networks, pay less than most major carriers and get unlimited coverage almost anywhere in the United States. Find the plan that’s right for you and get started.

The Good
  • Customizable plans to fit your data and lifestyle needs.
  • Easy HotSpot data access when you're on the go.
The Bad
  • Coverage can be spotty in more rural areas.
The Ugly
  • Unlimited offer is more expensive than other nationwide carriers.